Awesome Theaters in Fairfield, CA

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Awesome Theaters Around Fairfield, CA

i can do that performing arts center

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The Fairfield, CA area includes well-rounded communities with culture, value, and opportunities for those interested in the performing arts. Many live theater productions and performance centers operate in Fairfield and the surrounding communities. Take a look at a few of the awesome theaters in the area that offer live entertainment and a chance to develop a love for the arts in the local Fairfield communities.

I Can Do That! Performing Arts Center

I Can Do That! Performing Arts Center in Danville, CA provides a wide variety of shows and availability for the community to enjoy. Private drama clubs, performing art schools, and community theater shows can rent and use the facilities for shows and events. Summer camps and training programs also take place in this theater with classes and availability for all ages of aspiring actors. Programs and groups work to develop skills and experiences for participants of all ages as they create and perform shows to the public. This is all in an effort to bring entertainment to the community.

california academy of performing arts

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California Academy of Performing Arts

The California Academy of Performing Arts offers studios and instructional courses for dancers and individuals looking to join touring companies and advance their dance skills. The academy includes a theater that hosts regular performances and showcases that are open to the public. Community members and visitors with an interest and appreciation for the dancing arts can enjoy the professional-level dance performances from students and companies in the academy’s beautiful theater environment.

Suisun Harbor Theatre


The Suisun Harbor Theatre is a community environment that’s associated with Suisun, California’s Creative Arts Collective. The theater aims to promote education and appreciation for the artistic communities in the area. Events include plays, comedy sets, band performances, and art shows from local and neighboring communities and productions. The Suisun Harbor provides a beautiful outdoor stage and theater setup on the edge of the local harbor to provide a gorgeous backdrop and natural environment to enjoy the arts in an outdoor setting.

Solano College Theatre

Solano Community College’s theatre department features a beautiful community theater center with programs and performances for all genres and talents. The theater offers shows and ticket sales to the public for college performances and community arts outreach programs. Private theater groups and clubs can also rent and use the space for rehearsals, classes and performances through the school. Facilities include a large-scale stage, two levels of seating, professional acoustics, and ample space for rehearsals and equipment.

Missouri Street Theatre

Missouri Street Theatre in Fairfield, California, provides the community with live shows and performances for all genres and age groups. The theater holds open auditions for all interested performers and produces high-quality performances with tickets available to the public. Performers and theater enthusiasts alike can enjoy the beautiful theater environment and the dedication to providing art services and training to the community. The Missouri Street Theatre produces both youth and adult performances and plays to promote training and experiences in the arts.

J&S Performing Arts Center

The J&S Performing Arts Center in Vacaville, California, hosts classes, rehearsals, and performances for the community’s youth. The center provides services and training for piano, acting, vocals, and dance. Youth theater performances are open to the public and include shows for all age groups. The center also hosts storybook theater events for young children with characters and special guests who interact with kids and act out popular children’s stories. The J&S center works to promote love and appreciation for the arts to children and parents in the surrounding communities.

Starbound Theatre

Starbound Theatre serves Fairfield and other local areas with performing arts camps, showcases, performances, and seminars. Located in Vacaville, California, Starbound Theatre operates primarily as a performing arts academy to teach and train youths with an interest in the arts. The organization works to provide fun and educational rehearsals, training, and performances to provide kids and communities with a passion for the arts and musical theater.

Downtown Theatre

The Downtown Theatre, located in the heart of Fairfield, California, offers spacious and beautiful venues for community performances of all kinds. The public can purchase tickets to experience live plays, symphony performances, concerts, dance showcases, and musicals. This theater offers a constant slate of shows and events for all age ranges and art genres to provide entertainment and cultural values for the entire community.

The Downtown Theatre Foundation of the Arts and donations from local patrons and art societies fund the Downtown Theatre’s operations. They aim to promote and maintain the relevance and availability of the arts to the community. The beautiful and historic venue adds entertainment to residents of all ages in the Fairfield area.

Empress Theatre

The Empress Theatre in Vallejo, California, hosts concerts and symphony performances with tickets available to the community and public. The theater also provides rental services for local companies or artists looking to host events and shows. Communities can enjoy the variety of musical and artistic genres of performers at the Empress Theatre to support local artists and enjoy thrilling shows from all ages, cultures, and artistic styles.

Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre

Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre hosts community and public events such as plays, concerts, dance performances, and comedy sets. The live entertainment provided at the theater includes a large variety of genres and touring companies. Vacaville theatre also offers rentals for outside events and art companies to provide a venue and space for the arts and local performers. The Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre promotes events, performances, and the arts for the city and surrounding areas with a small venue that creates a personal and intimate environment for shows and artists.

The above theaters encompass a small portion of the arts and performance resources present in the Fairfield community. Contact us to let us know about other valuable arts centers we may have missed. Enjoying and supporting the arts brings culture and value to the community and provides an entertaining lineup of activities for individuals looking to expand their horizons.


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