All About Jelly Belly in Fairfield, CA

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All About Jelly Belly in Fairfield, CA

If you’re spending some time near San Francisco, CA and want to visit a sweet tourist spot, then head on over to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California. Take a tour of the factory to see how jelly beans are made or stop at one of the factory’s stores to do some shopping. Enjoy the sweeter things in life by sampling Jelly Belly flavors or taking pictures with your friends and family. Make a tour reservation and visit the Jelly Belly Factory today!

Head to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield

jelly belly in fairfield, ca

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This popular location is a great find for people of all ages. If you like candy, then you’ll love going to the Jelly Belly Factory. While you’re there, you can take a free, 45-minute tour of the factory to see how the world-famous Jelly Belly jelly beans are made. Explore the bright-colored facility filled to the brim with jelly beans and other sweet surprises. You’re sure to satisfy your senses with the wonderful smell, sight, and taste of jelly beans.

To get to the Fairfield Jelly Belly Factory, you can easily take the bus. If you want to take a car, then you can drive to the factory and use the convenient parking lot. The hours of the factory are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day, aside from major holidays. While the self-guided tours are free, you can make a reservation for the personal guided tours, which are $39 per group and can include up to six guests.

Jelly Belly Factory Tours

During your tour at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, you can walk through the factory, visit the cafe, or browse souvenirs from the gift shop. If you need a minute to relax, you can sit down in the waiting area where there’s a large portrait of President Ronald Reagan that’s made of jelly beans. Art has never been so delicious. When you start your tour, the guide will ask you to put on a paper hat per safety guidelines. They will also inform you of the tour rules, such as not taking pictures.

Once the tour starts, so does the tasty fun. You’ll get to see the factory floor from an elevated view and see where the workers make the jelly beans. Here you’ll see all the ingredients it takes to make the famous candies, including massive bags of sugar. The tour also includes videos that explain the jelly bean-making process. Your tour guide will join the fun by providing you with cool facts about Jelly Belly jelly beans. You’ll also see several other products being made, such as chocolate-covered fruit and nuts.

Photo Opportunities

While there are no pictures allowed on the actual tour, there are plenty of photo opportunities before and after your turn. Snap a group photo in front of the Reagan portrait or in the visitor center. You could also grab a few pictures in the gift shop or cafeteria, and don’t forget to take a photo at the main entrance of the factory where the Jelly Belly sign is. With all the colors of the rainbow in the factory, you’re guaranteed to take some fantastic photos of yourself and your group.

Jelly Belly Candy Store

What’s a Jelly Belly Factory tour without a visit to the Jelly Belly candy store? Once the tour ends, your guide will take you to the candy store. Here, you can browse and purchase the large selection of flavors that Jelly Belly makes. You can purchase one-pound bags of jelly beans by flavor or mix of flavors. Try some of Jelly Belly’s traditional flavors or unique flavors like soda pop or doughnuts.

Since Jelly Belly produces more than just jelly beans, you can also buy other sweets, such as chocolate, licorice, or candy corn. You can even purchase Belly Flops, which are misshapen jelly beans, at a discounted price. Other than candy, the store also sells souvenirs like toys, accessories, or apparel.

Jelly Belly Exhibits

During the tour, you can experience several exciting exhibits. The factory tour has games and interactive exhibits available year-round, but Jelly Belly introduces new exhibits often. Some new exhibits include the Bean Blitz, Test your Belly Flop IQ, and Smell Stations.

Bean Blitz is a soccer computer game where guests play as the goalie. The point of the game is to block Jelly Belly jelly beans from entering the net. Test your Belly Flop IQ is a game where you pick out the Belly Flops from the regular jelly beans. Finally, the Smell Stations is a hallway with 10 smell stations. You go up to each station to guess the Jelly Belly flavor by its scent.

Jelly Belly Visitor Center

While the factory tour is an adventure in itself, the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve finished walking through the factory. Before or after your tour, consider visiting the Jelly Belly Visitor Center. The Visitor Center has several shops and restaurants you can browse or eat at.

Each stop at the Jelly Belly Visitor Center has something exciting to experience. At the chocolate shop, you can watch candy chefs make delectable chocolates and treats. The Jelly Belly Café offers guests more savory treats in case they get hungry during the tour. Make sure to try the jelly bean-shaped hamburger or pizza. If you’re of age, you can enjoy the Jelly Belly Chocolate and Wine Experience, where you sip on featured wines and chocolates. Whether you want a meal, snack, or drink, the Visitor Center is the place to be before or after your tour.

At the Fairfield Jelly Belly Factory, there’s something for everyone. From jelly beans to chocolate or games to a factory tour, fun awaits at this sweet and tasty destination. Jelly Belly welcomes you and your group to have an adventure with its fascinating factory tour and its amazing visitor center. Do you have a favorite story to share when you visited the factory? Let us know so we can highlight your experience.

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