Returning Your Leased Mercedes-Benz: Everything You Need to Know

2018 GLA SUV

Few manufacturers offer as much to driving enthusiasts as Mercedes-Benz, which is why those who lease our vehicles often stay with us when they return it. We hope you’ve had that kind of high-quality experience with your leased Mercedes-Benz—and if you don’t want to settle for anything less than the luxury and performance you’ve felt with it, we definitely recommend choosing one of our exciting Mercedes-Benz models for your next lease. We here at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield want to do everything we can to make that decision easy for you, which is why we offer several options for you when you’re near the end of your lease

Make Leasing Even Better

If you prefer leasing your vehicles, you’ll love the Mercedes-Benz “Loyalty Accelerator Plan.” This program rewards your enthusiasm by waiving up to five of your existing lease payments when you lease a new Mercedes-Benz model.

Your Lease Return Options:

  • Extend your lease for up to 12 months
  • Take advantage of our Loyalty Accelerator Plan to lease a new Mercedes-Benz
  • Purchase your Mercedes-Benz for an extended warranty
  • Return your leased Mercedes-Benz to Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield, even if you leased it elsewhere

Lease Return Tips

If you decide not to purchase your leased vehicle, then you’ll definitely need to return it to the dealership once your lease is up. Here are a few tips to make that process easier:

  • For a free pre-inspection, call 800-873-5471, and MB Financial well help arrange to send a third-party vendor to your home or office.
  • Once you have the results of that third-party inspection, you can talk to our Sales or Service department if you need to take corrective action or want to use our Loyalty programs.
  • Along with the vehicle itself, you’ll need to return both sets of keys, the owner’s manual, and every piece of equipment issued at the time of lease.
  • You’ll also need to confirm the mileage on your odometer by electronically signing the Federal Odometer Disclosure Document.
  • Finally, Mercedes-Benz Financial will send your final bill—the charges are not due right when you return it.

Vehicle Condition Guidelines: The Credit Card Test

Need help figuring out what is and isn’t considered damage in your vehicle inspection? You can check with a pretty easy tool: your credit card. Here are all the things that will be considered damage:

  • A scratch through the paint that’s larger than your credit card
  • Any dent bigger than a credit card
  • Any interior tears that are larger than a credit card
  • All damaged safety items
  • Collective damage from a single event (regardless of size)
  • Any holes, cracks, gouges, tears, or cuts in the sheet metal or bumper

Guidelines for Windshield, Lights, Wheels, and Tire Condition

For the rest of your vehicle—your windshield, lights, wheels, and tires—here are the things to look for that won’t meet the lease return guidelines.

  • Cracked or bent wheels
  • Different wheels from those originally equipped at the time of delivery (with the exception of wheels installed by authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships)
  • Tires that are the wrong size, or that have sidewall damage or exposed cords.
  • Glass or lights with stars (a chip with one or more legs), plugs, holes, or cracks (glass repair is not acceptable)

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