Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior

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Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz offers two S Class sedans in its 2022 lineup of cars. These vehicles are the S 500 4MATIC® Sedan and the S 580 4MATIC® Sedan. Both of these vehicles have the luxury of a Mercedes and a taste of the future with their new technologies. The S 500 comes in two trims, and the S 580 comes in three trims, for maximum customization of your brand new Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan. Read about them, and call us at (707) 430-0101 if you have any questions.

Standard Interior Features

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Here are some of the standard interior features of the Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans:


The Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans come fitted with heated, multi-contoured, 12-way power, energizing kinetic front seats with access to ventilation. The company designed the seats to conform to your body and you have control over the heating elements, angle, and distance from the steering wheel and front windscreen that you need to maximize your comfort. The vehicle’s front seats also come with memory so they can tell who is in the car based on biometric authentication, tailoring the experience of the front seats to you and your passengers for every trip you take with the vehicle.

Climate Control

The Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans come with a dual-zone climate control system, split between the driver and passenger sides of your vehicle. This system allows you and your passenger to create different temperature zones for yourselves in the vehicle, maximizing the comfort of everyone on your trips. Besides the climate control system in your car, Mercedes also gives you a cabin-based air purification system to ensure the highest quality within your vehicle, keeping you safe and refreshed with every breath.

Safety and Access

Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans come with standard safety and access features. These include hands-free access to your mobile device to help you keep your attention on the road, “Hey, Mercedes” keyword activation, and biometric authentication to determine who is in your car.

They also include sunshades for the front two seats, keyless ignition, and an attention assistant to help you stay focused while driving. Finally, they come with a steering wheel that features touch control panels to help you keep your hands where they matter most while driving, while still enjoying the comforts Mercedes offers you with their luxury vehicles.


Your Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan comes standard with the MBUX augmented system, which allows you to navigate the roads via augmented reality. The system can show you turns in real-time and reroute you safely around any unexpected delays such as traffic and road closures.

The system also comes with one year of free automatic navigational map updates, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information for any trip you take. Finally, the MBUX system comes with a voice-controlled front Interior Assistant that can help you keep your hands free for driving while you set destinations and rest areas along your routes.


Your 2022 Mercedes sedan comes with a variety of entertainment features to excite you and your passengers for any trips you make. These include a 12.8-inch OLED multimedia display for your car-based stereo, inductive wireless charging for your mobile devices, and a Burmester three-dimensional surround sound system.

Other features include wireless play for your mobile device, an HD radio receiver, online music streaming, and multiple USB-C ports you can use to connect other devices to your vehicle and keep your guests entertained. Your vehicle also comes with wireless, hands-free Bluetooth® interfaces for your devices to connect to for continuous entertainment.


The interior of your Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan comes with an illuminated entry to help you find your way into the vehicle during the day or night. It also has laminated glass to reduce IR light, heat, and noise, and sun visors for your windows to minimize the glare you can experience while driving.

They also come with 64 colors of LED ambient lighting to help you locate the important parts of your driving experience and provide illumination for your passengers. Finally, your vehicle comes with steering wheel controls for your LED headlights, so you can adjust as you drive.

Optional Interior Features

Below are optional features of the Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans:


Your Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan has some optional features, which you can choose when you purchase your vehicle. These features include the warmth and comfort package, which adds heating elements to the back of the front seats on the driver and passenger sides, and to the armrests on each of the doors and in the center of the vehicle.

There is also a comfort box in the trunk of your vehicle, which is a collapsible basket you can use to stow your things safely. You can collapse and stow away the box to maximize the space in your trunk.


Optional features you can add to highlight your experience as an owner of a Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan include a Nappa leather steering wheel and a dotted black line trim for the interior of your vehicle to add style, class, and luxury. S Class sedans also come with the Mercedes-Benz star and “me connect” optional services and assistants.

You can also add the 3D Technology package to your vehicle to add a three-dimensional element to all of your vehicle’s displays, including your MBUX system to help you create a safe, augmented reality inside and around your vehicle for maximum luxury.


The last addition to the optional features for your Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan is the choice to add a Burmester High-End 4D Surround Sound system instead of the standard system included in the standard package. This adds another level of personalization to your vehicle and places speakers in your seat to allow you the ultimate comfort and listening experience while you drive.

You can find the Mercedes-Benz S Class sedan at our Mercedes dealership, including the ability to customize your new S Class sedan with the best features available. Contact us today and we can help you tailor your driving experience to maximize your comfort, entertainment, and luxury every time you open the door of your new luxury sedan.