Pet Shelters in Fairfield, CA

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Pet Shelters in Fairfield, CA

If you’re an animal lover, you know how influential pet shelters can be to the community. These organizations can take in stray animals, offer them care and then help them get adopted to their forever home. Whether you’re looking to support some great missions or take home a furry friend of your own, your local animal shelters can be a great resource.

When you read about Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield, you’ll discover that we’re proud of our local community and all the good that our neighbors are doing for animals and humans alike. Read on to learn about some pet shelters in Fairfield, CA and how they can help you find your new best friend.

Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division

Run through the local Solano County government, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division helps care for stray, abandoned, and unwanted pets around the Solano County area. Besides offering these animals shelter, this organization also provides spaying and neutering services along with community outreach and adoption. If you already have a furry friend, you can also bring them into the center’s clinic for affordable vaccinations and microchipping.

If you’re looking to adopt, you can begin the process by looking over the shelter’s extensive list of adoptable pets online or in person. The shelter recommends at least an hour of searching to find your perfect match. Once you’ve found your pick, you can complete an application form. If approved, you’ll get an introduction to your chosen animal, and if all goes well, you can take them home. Adoptions include services like spaying and neutering, microchipping, and 30 days of flea and deworm treatment to get you and your new friend started off on the right foot.

SPCA of Solano County

A local nonprofit, the SPCA of Solano County provides comprehensive services for current pet owners or those who are looking to become one. This organization offers shelter and care to stray pets with a unique “fear-free shelter” training method that prioritizes animal comfort as they adjust to their new homes. For those with a furry friend, you can enjoy low-cost vaccination clinics, a retail shop, and even support groups for those who’ve lost a pet.

To start the adoption process, you can look over adoptable pets online. You can also walk through the shelter in person, but if you do so, the shelter recommends you call or email ahead to schedule an appointment. When you’ve found a pet that tickles your fancy, you can fill out an application, meet your new friend, and head home.

To save some time, you can seek pre-approval so that you can adopt your pet as soon as you’re approved. If you don’t seek pre-approval, you can fill out an application in-center and put a non-refundable hold to reserve a meet and greet appointment time with your future pet the next day. When you come in for your introduction, be sure to bring every person who lives in your household, any other dogs that live with you, and a copy of your rental agreement that confirms your ability to have a pet.

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)

With a mission like “People rescuing animals … animals rescuing people,” it’s clear that Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation understands the good that pet adoptions can do for community members. Founded to help lessen the volume of animals in government pet shelters, this private non-profit organization focuses especially on matching cats and dogs in need with children, seniors, and veterans. Besides offering shelter for their pets, ARF is committed to providing medical and behavioral support to prepare animals for their forever homes. If you’re serious about adopting, this center can help you find your perfect match.

To begin the adoption process, you can start looking at adoptable dogs and cats online or come in for a walk-in appointment during adoption hours. While you’re there, a team member can walk you through the histories, behaviors, and personalities of the pets to help you find a friend that matches your lifestyle. To save some time, you can complete a matchmaker form to help the staff find your best match.

Once you’ve made a connection and completed all necessary forms, you can take your furry friend home. To help transition into your new pet owner’s lifestyle, you can take advantage of discounts for training courses and social events with skilled center staff. You can also rest assured knowing that your pet will be spayed and neutered, dewormed, and up to date on vaccinations.

K911 Animal Rescue

Started by two shelter workers who recognized a need for increased space for stray animals, K911 Animal Rescue is now a thriving local non-profit. After bringing a vet tech on staff to help, the organization expanded to offer full-service spaying/neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations for animals who might not have anywhere else to go. Besides providing temporary homes for these animals, the shelter also works tirelessly to find its residents a permanent spot with deserving families. With frequent adoption events, you can find K911’s staff connecting the Fairfield area with its best furry matches.

To start adopting, you can complete the shelter’s carefully constructed cat or dog adoption application. As you fill out this form, you’ll add information about your lifestyle and personality to find your perfect pet. If you’d like, you can select an option for a staff matchmaker to help you find an animal that fits right into your life.

After completing your application, you can sit back and wait for the shelter to contact you to schedule an introduction with some of your best matches. Once in-center, you can also expect to learn about some best practices and procedures for animal care from the shelter’s passionate, knowledgeable staff. By the time you leave, you’ll be ready to give your furry friend the life of luxury they deserve.

If you’re looking to brighten up your life with a new best friend, these animal shelters can help you prepare for the rewarding experience of pet ownership. How did you find our list of shelters? Are you feeling inspired to start the adoption process today? You can always contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Fairfield to tell us about your journey. Our dedicated staff can’t wait to hear from you and to learn more about the pets and owners who make the Fairfield area such a great place to live.

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