Mercedes-Benz’ Digital Light

Ushering in a world where headlights do so much more

Digital Light is a revolutionary new computer-controlled high-definition headlight system from Mercedes-Benz. With Digital Light, your headlights will be able to project images and signals onto the road to help convey information about a driver’s surroundings…to the driver, and to other drivers and pedestrians on the road. With Digital Light, each headlight has a unique chip that is covered with over one million micro-reflectors. These reflectors are controllable and attached to a system that enables the vehicle’s computer to adjust light beam patterns in real-time.


Enabling countless possibilities

This feature also allows the system to project symbols on the road that will increase driver awareness of potential issues, such as slick road conditions or pedestrians walking on the side of the road. Imagine the exciting applications where GPS data can be fed into the system to project the safest driving path on a twisting mountain road. By expanding the system’s library of symbols and real-time data feeds, the lights could be able to convey extremely detailed vocabulary to describe road conditions.



It’s important to remember that the designers of the DIGITAL LIGHT system were focused on safety by delivering optimum visibility in dark conditions for the driver without creating glare.  And with the computer-driven projection system, it will be possible to project lines and onto the road to replace missing road and lane markers, further enhancing driving safety.

For a more in depth look at these potential driver safety and information applications, please watch the video below. It’s a facinating look at how Mercedes-Benz, as it has done throughout its vaunted history, is developing breakthrough innovation that provides an even better ride.

For more information about the Mercedes-Benz Digital Light program, please click here.